Speonk Lumber

Register for iNet

All Speonk Lumber and Norwich Lumber charge account holders can now access your account information online through our iNet program.

Through iNet, charge account holders can:

  • Have access to their monthly statement and all invoices, for the current period as well as prior months dating back up to seven years.
  • Print invoices and statements.
  • Get invoices promptly instead of waiting for our monthly mailing.
  • Receive their monthly statements by email if preferred. (Please note that invoices cannot be emailed, and payments cannot be made online)

We will continue to send statements and invoices by regular mail, but with your help and cooperation, hope to reduce paper usage by utilizing the more environmentally-friendly email system. Customers can go paper-free by electing to have their monthly statement emailed, and accessing all invoices through iNet.

  • Speonk Lumber and Norwich Lumber customers can now partner with us to protect and preserve the environment by selecting our Paperless Billing Option (PBO). With PBO, customers will receive their monthly statement by email on the first of each month, and will have access to all individual invoices through our existing iNet program. iNet allows customers to view (and print if desired) their current invoices as well as all archived invoices back to 2006. Customers receiving deliveries or picking up material at Speonk Lumber or Norwich Lumber will still receive a printed invoice.
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