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Apply for an Account

Thank you for your interest in opening a charge account with Speonk Lumber or Norwich Lumber. We offer several types of accounts to best suit the individual needs of our customers.

House charge account:
Traditional charge account with monthly billing. All purchases during the month are billed to this account. A monthly summary of the prior month’s purchases is mailed to the account holder at the beginning of each new month which includes copies of all invoices and a comprehensive statement showing a list of purchases, payments, available discounts and past due amounts if any. Payments for current invoices which are received by Speonk Lumber on or before the tenth of the month are eligible for a 5% (pre-tax) prompt payment discount. Past due balances are not eligible for discount. A 2% monthly late charge will be assessed on all past due balances. A credit check is performed for all house charge account applications.

VIP Cash Account:
Designed for customers who prefer to pay for purchases by cash, check or credit card, the VIP Cash account allows account holders to have their purchase history archived by Speonk Lumber and to receive the 5% prompt payment discount. Customers will receive a detailed invoice at time of purchase, but no monthly statements or individual invoices are furnished; they are available to account holders via iNet (see below). No credit check required. VIP Account holders can attach a secured credit card to their account to provide seamless charges. We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Attaching a credit card to your VIP account requires a completed Credit Card Authorization Form, see link below. VIP Account holders paying with attached secured credit card are eligible for 5% prompt payment discounts.

Non-account holders may pay by their choice of cash, check or credit card but are not eligible for discounts. Credit card purchases may be made in person or by telephone.

Online access to account information:
All account holders have 24/7 access to their account information through our secure iNet program. When you open a House Charge Account or a VIP Cash Account you will be given instructions about how to register for iNet. Through iNet, account holders can view and print invoices and statements for purchases dating back up to seven years. Purchase history is updated daily.

Paperless Billing Option:
Customers who wish to receive all billing information electronically can opt for our Paperless Billing Option (PBO). Through PBO, monthly statements are emailed to account holders; individual invoices can be retrieved through iNet.

Daily Electronic Invoices:
Account holders can opt to receive their invoices by email on a daily basis. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Click on the form you need, print, complete the form and return by mail to Speonk Lumber, PO Box 480, Speonk, NY 11972.
Please note we cannot accept completed forms by fax or email.