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President’s Message

Committed to the lifelong pursuit of achieving excellence among our competition while focusing on the Customer as the key to achieving that goal.

I remember early mornings when I was a child where the closing of the front door would wake me up and I would peek outside to see my father walking towards the lumber truck that he brought home the night before. He would often make a delivery before opening the store in the morning.  He was off to work carrying his briefcase, containing the lumber take-offs he did the night before. Not to be seen again ‘til dinner time. I then went on to spending my days off from school here at the lumber yard running around and causing havoc wherever I went.  When I hit 13 it was easier to just put me to work. And that is basically where it all began for me.

This industry is in my blood. This Company is among my finest memories of my childhood, my family and my father. I am incredibly fortunate to wake up every day and do something I am so very passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy everything about this industry. The constant change and innovation, the trends and tastes in the projects we supply, the longtime employees, some of whom go back to my early childhood, the vendors and the long-time relationships among them and most importantly the customers.

The customers are what make Speonk Lumber, its associates and myself better. As the world goes through changes we are challenged to keep up and even exceed the expectations of our current, new and potential customers. The customer is our focus and in doing so we have achieved a level of service and attention that is rivaled by few. Willingness and change is in our daily diet here at Speonk. We never rest in maintaining our high level of customer service and will never rest in striving to reach new and higher levels.

I want to thank you for reading this and learning just a bit more about Speonk Lumber and myself. I invite you to use us and all of our vast resources to your fullest advantage.

Shane Smith

President and CEO

Speonk Lumber Corp